eTreego leading the market with innovative EV charging solutions


On the 17th, eTreego participated in the 2024 AMPA with full force, actively expanding domestic and international markets with comprehensive EV charging solutions. As a professional manufacturer of EV charging equipment, eTreego offers a range of solutions from 3.5kW to 180kW for both AC and DC charging, including economically priced 7kW, 11kW, and 17kW AC chargers for home and community use, as well as 40kW fast chargers for malls and restaurant, allowing consumers to charge their vehicles fully within 2 hours.

Considering the diverse needs of EV owners for various power level charging in different scenarios, eTreego offers customized and comprehensive solutions from equipment provision, design, construction, operation, to maintenance. eTreego collaborating with its subsidiary, Gochabar, to achieve top-notch capabilities in charging hardware and software. This collaboration has propelled eTreego to become one of the top three professional manufacturers of charging equipment domestically.

eTreego is planning to inaugurate its headquarters by mid-year and establish a R&D center in the Hsinchu Science Park. Following a successful round of fundraising last year, its capital has increased to 264 million, and it is expected to increase to 300 million before listing. eTreego stated that the company is expanding its global presence this year. It has already established eTreego Singapore to connect with markets in ASEAN countries such as Indonesia. It also targets markets in the United States, Japan, Europe, and Australia. It plans to partner with local collaborators to penetrate these markets rapidly, with exports accounting for seventy percent of total revenue, driving a fivefold increase in annual revenue.

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