One-stop service for charging solutions in buildings


The Ministry of Transportation set a goal in 2022 to achieve a 100% market share for EV by 2040 and is vigorously promoting the installation of charging stations in parking lots. To accelerate the installation pace in residential and commercial facilities, in May 2022, Taipower introduced the "Separate Meter + Special Electricity Rate" measure for electric vehicles. Through the implementation of EMS, charging is controlled, scheduling charging times and managing off-peak charging to avoid community power overload.

Electric vehicle sales have been growing exponentially every year in Taiwan. Based on foreign experience, nearly 90% of electric vehicle owners charge at home or at work. Taiwan has approximately 50,000 residential communities, with new developments continually being completed, all of which prioritize charging equipment and systems as standard features.

In response to this opportunity, we established a subsidiary(gochabar) in early 2023, jointly funded by the Hotai Group and Shilin Electric. It is positioned as an integrated charging service system provider, offering charging equipment, EMS engineering planning and implementation, charging management systems, operational services, and maintenance, providing comprehensive solutions to the hardware and software needs of residential communities and developers. We’ve already deployed our solutions in over 30 communities and developments, while simultaneously expanding its services to operators of charging stations, gas stations, hotels, car dealerships, parking lots, shopping centers, and other applications.

Gochabar utilizes patents and our own technology, integrating cloud technology, AIoT, and API management. They have developed Cloud Charging Management System(CCMS), which meets Taipower's requirements and community needs. Key features include real-time monitoring, smart control, off-peak scheduling, and fee management via the LINE platform. Adopting a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and subscription model reduces implementation barriers, making it easy for users to manage economically and securely.

From: 起而行提供一條龍服務 最佳建物充電解方