Smart Charging for EV Gets an Upgrade


"eTreego" collaborates with "gochabar" to participate in the 2024 AMPA Show, showcasing a range of hardware equipment from AC charging to DC charging, combined with software functionalities, demonstrating strong technical capabilities and product completeness.

eTreego offers customized and flexible solutions, tailoring charging equipment to different applications. From equipment provision, design, construction, operation, to maintenance, we provide complete solutions for their clients.

eTreego has launched AC chargers tailored for both home and community use, including 7kW, 11kW, and 17kW options. For commercial spaces such as malls and restaurants, they offer 40kW DC fast chargers, catering to consumers' needs to fully charge their vehicles within 2 hours. For operators, eTreego provides full-power products as well as 1-to-8 charging equipment suitable for unmanned charging stations. We offer more flexible charging services for different locations. Moreover, when only one vehicle is charging, fast charging can be completed within 20 minutes.

Humanized software functionalities are essential to provide car owners with the perfect charging experience. Gochabar is responsible for software system development, offering a subscription-based operation system that allows charging station owners to easily manage their operations. This includes real-time monitoring, current regulation, fee management, and integration with external systems. The EMS is particularly suitable for the needs of complex apartments. And it can also meet the requirements of VPP (Virtual Power Plant) demands.

Since its establishment in 2017,  eTreego has risen to become one of the top three domestic specialists in charging equipment. With each passing year, it has achieved outstanding operational performance. The company's future blueprint will gradually unfold this year. By mid-year, it will inaugurate a new headquarters and establish a R&D center in the Hsinchu Science Park. Additionally, it plans to list on the TPEx this year and aims to be listed on the TWSE next year.

eTreego  is now setting its sights on international markets. Targeting markets in the United States, Japan, Europe, and Australia, it aims to penetrate these markets through white-label partnerships with local collaborators. The goal is to raise the proportion of exports to 70%, leading to a fivefold increase in annual revenue.

Following the strategy of "first cooperation, then joint venture," eTreego established a Singaporean subsidiary this year to facilitate access to ASEAN markets. It plans to replicate its successful model in various countries. Having successfully completed a round of fundraising last year, the company's current capital stands at 264 million, with plans to increase it to 300 million before going public.

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