eTreego in Hsinchu Science Park


The 14th meeting of the Science Park Review Committee of the National Science and Technology Commission was held on January 31 at the National Science Council. During the meeting, approvals were granted for eTreego Co., Ltd.

eTreego Co., Ltd., based in the Hsinchu Science Park, proposed an investment of 600 million NTD. Our company primarily focuses on the development and service applications of EV charging-related equipment. Mentored by the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), is a startup specializing in the design of EV charging equipment and control module. The team has over 10 years of dedicated research and development experience in EV charging and control products, including various types of charging equipment for both AC and DC, vehicle-side control modules, etc. We have accumulated substantial field and practical experience and actively collaborate with the government to promote 2-wheel, 4-wheel, and 8-wheel charging standards, contributing to the development of the EV market.

We aims to integrate the headquarters needs of R&D, marketing, and management. We have applied to enter the Science Park to collaborate with hardware and software manufacturers within and around the park, multiple universities, and national-level research units. This collaboration aims to initiate various technological exchanges, attract more talented individuals, and enhance the overall operational performance and competitiveness of our company. The goal is to create a comprehensive EV charging ecosystem to meet the diverse needs of electric vehicle users and applications, as well as the growing demand in the domestic and international charging markets.

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