Taiwan's first Vovlo electric truck is here! eTreego + Taikoo Motors + WRCP join hands!


Volvo Trucks, acting by Taikoo Motors , recently officially delivered the first Volvo FE electric truck in Taiwan, which will be launched by WRC PACIFIC, LTD. WRC/WRCP is the world's leading environmental protection manufacturer , is also the largest heavy metal sludge recycling and treatment plant in Taiwan. Towards a net-zero carbon future.

Taikoo Motors Vehicles was specially held at Taikoo Motors Kaohsiung Flagship Service CenterThe first Volvo electric truck delivery and car appreciation party. Mr. Peter Halpin, CEO of WRC/Chairman of WRCP, specially came to Taiwan from the United States to participate, demonstrating his firm commitment to green transportation and expressing his high degree of certification for Volvo electric trucks and Taikoo Motors.

Taikoo Motors  It has a full range of transportation solutions and provides an exclusive ERS driving simulation system. It estimates energy consumption and charging needs based on truck working scenarios, and tailors the best electric truck operation solution for customers. Customized and exclusive all-inclusive " "Green Energy Contract" includes full vehicle maintenance and warranty services, complete battery warranty and battery monitoring services, allowing customers to purchase the most advanced technology vehicles without any worries.