eTreego expands overseas and adds one more station


The International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has entrusted the Commercial Development Research Institute (CDRI) to implement the 112-year New Southbound Market Innovation Marketing Plan. This year, it will focus on promoting the theme of smart energy in Singapore and Malaysia and provide guidance to 30 Taiwanese related industries. Among them, Counseling company eTreego Co., Ltd has made great achievements in overseas expansion. At the end of August in Singapore, it signed a letter of intent (MOU) with Nanyang Technological University School of Energy (NTU ERIAN) and Singaporean brand electric motorcycle manufacturer Charged Asia. It is expected to create a turnover of NT$500 million within five years. ​
Since the Singaporean government launched the Singapore Green Plan 2030, which prohibits the registration of general fuel vehicles as new cars, it has also triggered a surge in demand in the electric vehicle and charging pile markets. This time, under the introduction of the Business Research Institute,  eTreego Co., Ltd  and Nanyang Technological University School of Energy (NTU ERIAN) worked together to introduce a complete smart charging system solution. The two parties cooperated to expand the functions of the electric vehicle charging system and create smart energy management The in-depth technology and verification field will bring substantial help to Singapore’s national smart grid in the future, and can also drive future energy transformation.
On the other hand, with the assistance of the Business Research Institute,  eTreego and Charged Asia, a Singaporean brand electric motorcycle manufacturer, plan to sell 10 million electric motorcycles (e-moto) in Southeast Asia in the next ten years. Through the cooperation between the two parties, Charged Asia will introduce market-tested fast charging solutions, which is expected to greatly increase market competitiveness. In the future, both parties will work together to enter the target market Indonesia to capture the largest market share.

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